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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Within these posts you can read more about the concept, story and characters, and access a lot of other material concerning the R.E.E.V.A. project. If everything goes as planned, the whole idea will be turned into a computer game within the next 20 years.

R.E.E.V.A. is intended to be an Open World game although the world is rather closed as you will find out. The genre is best described as a 3rd Person (mostly) Survival-Action, Role-Play Game. All game mechanics and technical details are as realistic and scientifically as plausible as possible, without limiting the fictional character.

The player takes over the part of a young biologist, who has been tricked into working for a corrupt and militant organization fighting a mysterious disease desperately. Withholding the terrifying truth about the background of the outbreak the player is asked to help fighting the mere symptoms of the problem. In his curiosity he agrees to join the group as hell breaks loose. A not entirely coincidental incident...


Read the first part of the background story.

Gives you a list of all R.E.E.V.A. related art.

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