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Saturday, February 26, 2011


After having successfully created a high-energy prototype, the project enters the second stage. Since the ▷Virus is supposed to operate autonomously, further experiments are necessary to increase communication abilities. The prototypes are cultivated in order to react to external stimuli in a deterministic way. The procedure spawns several subcategories of hybrid cells which show programmable behavior if assembled in certain configurations. Using this strategy, small networks of hybrid cells are designed to perform primitive tasks. The project enters the final stage. Dozens of stable networks-- each one with billions of cells-- are stored in ▷Containers for further conditioning. To satisfy the increasing energy throughput, the scientists include radioactive material from nearby ▷Mines into the molecular structure.

On the 30th of June-- and the world's most powerful weapon within the scientists' grasp-- one of the final experiments with a high energy subtype causes a far-reaching disaster. In an attempt to test the performance under maximum stress, several networks destabilize, leading to a chain reaction in which the damaged container releases all stored energy. A massive explosion tears the lab to shreds, incinerating any organism within range. Seconds after the first explosion, the shock wave reaches the storage depot, causing hundreds of other containers to share a similar fate. Unable to withstand the final blast, the reinforced ceiling shatters and releases tons of contaminated material into the atmosphere, devastating the surrounding area.

In the chaos of fire and radiation, with clouds of dying hybrid cells roaming free, some of them finally reach their ultimate stage. The virus slowly awakens and commences the task it has been designed for. Survive and destroy. Shortly after the first manifestation of the virus, all survivors of the explosion are fully infected. Due to the hull breach, major parts of the area are also contaminated before the authorities even realize what has happened. In order to keep bystanders away and to exclude a military strike, the government isolates the perimeter to conduct a detailed analysis of the incident. This includes the establishing of an emergency security zone, ▷SC-0, for scientific research around the location that had been identified as ground zero. Not far from the science camps lies the military equivalent, know as ▷M-0, a continuous ring of military camps, watchtowers and electric fences with the only purpose of keeping unwanted visitors outside.

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