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Friday, February 25, 2011


Two years after the initialization of the project, the underground ▷Facility is complete and fully operational, producing promising results. Hidden in the wastelands of Siberia, the group of scientists, led by military virologist  ▷Dr. William Griffith, work on their task ambitiously. Referred to by the code name ▷R.E.E.V.A. (Radio Emission via Energized viral Aggregation), the group has combined human cells with various other bacterial organisms and viruses in order to create a powerful hybrid cell type. These new cells are able to absorb and emit electromagnetic radiation at will. Based on this unique feature, the scientists plan to arrange huge clusters of such hybrid cells to enable intercellular communication, similar to a neural network.

In order to make the cells resistant against electromagnetic interference, it is necessary to choose a radiation type of very high energy that would overcome all types of natural disturbances. After months of failure and misfortune, the scientists finally succeed in cultivating a ▷Prototype that is able to operate on the required energy level-- a combination of several extremophile bacteria based on human cell substrate.


▶Year 1908
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