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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Zone Division

The Zone Division is the mysterious core of the M-2 defence system responsible for various tasks of the mandatory field deployment. Originally, it was strictly prohibited to leave or enter quarantined territory due to the high risk of contamination. This was the rule for a few months but the authorities quickly realized that contact with the Zone population had to be maintained for various reasons. The solution was a waterproof concept to bring specialized personnel into the Zone and back safely. The Zone Division was born. Its most important tasks can be roughly categorized in the following blocks.





Since Zone Troopers are permanently exposed to extreme dangers, certain safety mechanisms were developed to allow the Division to work in contaminated areas without posing a threat to the integrity of the ▷MCB.

Pulse Detector Implants
With increased understanding of the disease and the propagation of detector technology it became possible to assert the infection status of a subject at extremely high accuracy. Such detectors are permanently carried by Zone Troopers (e.g., in the brain) and determine whether the trooper may re-enter the ▷MCB or any non-quarantined facilities.

Emergency Injection
In the case of an acute infection, the protocol allows the use of highly concentrated ▷Co-60 within the first few seconds. Possible results of this method are death, failure and infection or the successful suppression of a primary infection. If the subject is still alive after a few minutes and no pulse traces can be found, it is safe to conclude that an infection had been avoided. Note that an acquired infection is non-reversible and the trooper is to be discharged instantly and left behind.

Virostatic Infusion
Precautions and heavy armor do not provide unlimited safety in certain areas of the zone. In fact, the members of the Zone Divison fall victim to contaminating incidents on a monthly basis. Since field-trained specialists are a scarce resource, the authorities agreed on certain strategies to increase the efficiency and survival rate of the Co-60 injections. One way to accomplish this, is a regular infusion of low-energy inhibitors (e.g., a diluted version of ▷Tc-99m). It can be observed that some veterans of the Division develope a high resistance to radiation and even immunity to low-dosed infections. Of course, only a few troopers reach that impressive level of adaption, which certainly adds to the creepy aura the Zone Division emits.


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