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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

City Gen

City Gen was a group project of 2008 based on OpenGL using advanced techniques, mainly Shader (implemented Phong shading) and L-Systems. It demonstrates the procedural generation of a virtual city with regard to several environmental parameters.

The scene consists of an initially planar mesh which can be modeled using the elevation tool by simply brushing over the target area. Brush diameter and pressure can be adapted. Figure A shows the subsequent steps in particular the application of the population map, the automatic generation of streets and finally the extraction of the blue blocks representing buildings and other structures.

Examples 1 to 3 show possible output after the street generation. The street generator uses a two phase L-System. In a preprocessing step up to 3 population centers are calculated. These centers are then connected using a "highway"-style L-System. Finally each street node spawns new street segments based on the population density, terrtain height and conflicting street segments. New street segments vary in length and angle and are placed so that they fit best into the existing street network for example by avoiding dead ends.

A more detailed description may follow in the future. For now, take a look at the source which will be made accessible if requested.

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